Cyber security paired with insurance, fully customizable to meet your business needs.

ITI provides the following main services.

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➜ Security Analysis

We provide a multifaceted analysis perfectly tailored to your business’s current security system. Every analysis comes with a certificate that can be used for cyber security audits.


High security standards for operations services

Monitoring and managing equipment

Monitoring and analyzing access logs

Vulnerability management & forensics

 OEM Solutions

We develop and integrate OEM systems, specifically built in line with all of your business needs.


  • Highly reliable and stable operation
  • Cost-effective
  • Free trial version available before purchase
  • Optimization based on your requirements

➜ System Development

For clients who require system development assistance, we provide the following services:

・ Solution Design
We design a system fulfilling all requirements and undergo customization based on the client’s needs. Taking into account the operational environment and offering pre-implementation test results.

・ Architecture Definition
We clearly define the system architecture and provide a strategic implementation plan which uses the most optimal methods.

・ Implementation Service
We provide system implementation services, including assistance with operations, to provide total stability.

➜ Products

(Preparation in Progress)
We provide powerful security products, built with the latest technology.

・Secure Communication Solution ATMOS

・Digital Asset Management Platform DXS Vault / DXS Wallet

・Data Storage

➜ About Insurance

We protect your assets from all forms of cyber breaches with our comprehensive insurance framework.


・Provides comprehensive coverage for various types of cyber damage
・Covers loss of profit in the case of breaches
・Covers damages via IoT intrusion