Our approach to security analysis is made up of three components



  • Malware detection
  • Identification of trace intrusion and infection routes
  • Intensive investigations

Penetration Testing

  • Test attacks performed from a hacker’s point of view
  • Appropriated penetration tests
  • Compliant with relevant laws and guidelines to ensure your service is audit ready.

Security Diagnosis and Analysis; Consulting

  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Social engineering: phishing, vishing, and awareness

Main Features of ITI’s Security Analysis

Security Operations Powered by CollabWorx

Continuous monitoring of an organization’s security posture is critical to empower organizations with rapid incident response, threat detection, and remediation.

Device Monitoring and Management

Ongoing monitoring of an organization’s devices, servers, and networks for real-time fault detection, diagnosis, and correction. Rapid response to manage threats.

Log Management and Analysis Using CollabWorx Software

Log management and analysis services for significant quantities of organizational data. This includes security event aggregation and correlation for actionable insights to improve security.

Vulnerability Management Services & Forensics

Infrastructure and application vulnerability assessments and remediation recommendations mitigate vulnerabilities. Forensic threat analysis identifies fraud, threats, and vulnerabilities.


Other Features of ITI’s Security Analysis


➜ Discovery
Obtaining and analyzing the documentation related to existing systems

➜ Enumeration Verification
Testing the operating systems, configurations, and services in comparison with the system documentation

➜ Vulnerability Research & Verification
Vulnerability research and analysis through penetration tests
➜ Integrity Testing
All results are subject to re-testing to ensure integrity

➜ Security Mapping
Mapping of both the measured security and the results

➜ Risk Assessment Value (RAV)
Calculation of the RAV and risk classification of the weaknesses found

➜ Reporting
Presentation of the results and recommendations.