We provide OEM services, bundling, pre-installing and kitting services for our software.

OEM Solutions

OEM solutions available for businesses looking to integrate our systems powered by CollabWorx, under your own brand.

Why you should choose us to be your OEM partner

✓ Highly Reliable and Stable Operation

✓ Cost-Effective

✓ Optimized for Your Needs

✓ Free trial version available before purchase

✓ Highly Reliable and Stable Operation

Simple, easy to use OEM processes

Easy to integrate and manage. Our unobstructed design works especially well for businesses with complex systems and databases.

CollabWorx software is very adaptable and can be integrated into almost any system.

Industry leading security features

CollabWorx software boasts word-class security features thanks to our experienced global developer team.  Our technology has been used by government organizations and international organizations to protect their top-secret data.  This technology is now available for your business.


Cut down on costs

You can enter into a target market at low cost while reducing the time required for monetization.

Long life cycle

Our systems are made with longevity in mind. By balancing cutting edge technology with established methods, our solutions have a long life cycle.

✓ Optimized for Your Needs


With us, you can change the licenses and payment options on the fly.

Highly brandable

It can be adjusted to accommodate many different scenarios including built-in models, bundles, and integration with third-party apps and hardware.

Dedicated customer support

If you have any problems with your product, our customer support staff will get in touch with you immediately.  For technical issues, our security engineers and team members will give you a direct answer to your questions.

Work Flow


After having heard your expectations and requirements,
we will propose how to implement the product

Sign contract

Once you fully agree with the terms and conditions,
you will sign a service contract

Prepare software

We will prepare the software in line with your requirements and branding

Prepare framework

We will provide a framework suitable to your workflow


Launch the service

✓ Free trial version available before purchase

You can try out our OEM products to see if we are a good fit.

Contact Us

Any questions about our OEM solutions?  Are you looking for a cyber security investigation/consult?  Or are you curious about our core technology? Feel free to send us your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.