ITI’s network security solutions are provided via cloud and are based on the latest proxy architecture. The solutions we offer boast unparalleled security for data, applications, and network users.

Our network solutions will protect your network from attacks and improve the overall security of your business. At ITI, we believe that it is vital to allow simultaneous access to applications through all ports and for all users, and to scan traffic for both known and unknown threats. We place a strong emphasis on detecting suspicious actions and potential threats.

Our cloud service utilizes cloud-based security infrastructure to protect the Security Operation Platforms. Our cloud service is optimized for corporate deployment to branch offices, and is available at a  reasonable cost.

ITI will expand your existing network security system through a professionally managed networked firewall, while keeping costs low. Additional features are available, such as malware-detecting sandbox technology, data loss protection, web content filtering, and application awareness through our security solutions.

SSL/TLS Encryption Blind Spots Elimination

We will identify all hidden threats in your network security stacks by undertaking an in-depth search into your SSL/TLS encryption network traffic. We will scan your SSL encryption traffic, spot viruses, worms, and trojans, and stop them at the gateway. Powerful encryption capacities will maintain the fidelity and protection of data, while protecting all users’ privacy with Selective Decryption.

Fire Walls, IPSs, and VPNs Management

Manage IPSs and VPNs and have an exclusive firewall that allows virtual co-management.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS mitigation, through a multi-layered mitigation strategy.

Networked Security System

Networked security system provided via cloud


・Unauthorized access detection service

・Unauthorized access protection service

・Web content, URL filtering

・Application awareness and control

・Malware-detecting sandbox technology

・Protection from data loss

・Logging and reporting

・ 24 hour customer support center

・Threat intelligence


Access to provider independent IP addresses for comprehensive protection

Efficient multi-service chaining

Global low latency solutions

Full management/upkeep system

Enterprise resources are safely accessible from various internet endpoints

Flexible function packages and connection options available

Hybrid security (for both cloud-based and premise-based)

MPLS/IP VPN and the internet boosts network efficiency/performance