We will protect your business with robust cyber security and insurance services.

We live in a world where digital assets are just as important as physical assets. Whilst technological advancement brings many positives, it also creates opportunities for digital crime.

The implementation of robust security systems is the only way to protect both your company, and your customers.

At INSURE TECH INDUSTRIES (ITI), we believe that whilst high security can protect you, this needs to be combined with insurance to ensure your business can continue to operate, even in the event of a security breach.

Our mission is to create high-quality security systems that protect your company and prevent potential security incidents, as well as to provide comprehensive coverage in the worst-case scenario.

ITI is a systems development company which provides custom-made software, hardware, service solutions and cyber insurance. We ensure safety and security, and have pride in our core values in a world that has an ever-changing context.

➜ Security Analysis

  We will thoroughly analyze your current security system and identify risks.

➜ OEM Solutions

   We provide cost-effective rebranding services and advanced security solutions.

➜ System Development

   We provide low-cost, tailor-made cyber security solutions.

➜ Products

(Under Construction)

We provide cutting-edge security products, including secure communications and digital asset management solutions.

Company Info

Main OfficeUchisaiwaicho Building B1 1−2−1 Chiyoda City, Uchisaiwaichō, Tokyo 100-0011
CEOSeiichi Mizuno
Company Established: March 13, 2018