Safeguard Your Business with Our Cyber Insurance Services Powered by CollabWorx

CollabWorx systems have been developed by an experienced, international team of world class engineers, and utilize the latest in cyber security developments.

However, technology is evolving at an alarming pace and computer hackers are honing their craft.  As a result, cyber accidents are increasing.

If your business is attacked, you may face hefty damages as well as the loss of social credibility.  Even if we only look at financial losses, there are many businesses that fell victim to cyber crimes experienced billions of dollars of damage.

The good news is that if you have preventative measures set in place, you can avoid hefty damages to your business and get right back on track. If your plan covers loss of profit due to network device failure, you can expect an even more significant cut in risks, and be able to run your business with total security and peace of mind.

“Remember: There is no such thing as an unhackable security system.”

In the unfortunate event that your assets fall victim to a cyber attack, to further secure your assets as well as uphold our responsibility for damages, we have an insurance policy with a major casualty insurance company. This allows us to fully respond to all liabilities and to ensure the protection of your assets. More importantly, this policy allows us to provide your business with a comprehensive approach to cyber insurance.

Main Features of Our Insurance Services

 Provides Comprehensive Coverage to Various Types of Cyber Damages

  One, simple insurance plan to cover a wide variety of cyber damages

 Covers Loss of Profit

  Covers loss of profit due to network device failure

 Covers Damages via IoT Intrusion

  Covers damages due to unauthorized access via IoT devices

Services Pairable with Insurance

Partner Agent

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We will look deeply into the problems your business is facing, and provide the best possible solution.  In the modern world, a one-size-fits-all plan don’t make the cut.  We can provide coverage for a wide variety of subjects including asset formation, corporate survival and employee benefits.