We will protect and insure your assets from all sources of harm. We do this by combining our deep insights into insurance with cutting-edge technology backed by a solid track record. We aim to be a company that provides value and contributes to a safe and secure online environment.

We will help to build a safer and more secure information society through our 5 core values:Analysis, Understanding, Prediction, Protection and Insurance.

CEO Message

“Cyber security is expensive, but we can’t do without it”
 “It’s so hard to make the right decision when technology is changing so rapidly”

I am aware that many businesses and organizations harbor this dilemma.  And this dilemma is likely to encompass society and the economy at a larger scale, with ever increasing consequences.

We at ITI are dedicated to researching and developing cyber security technology in order to address these issues of the not-so-far-away future.  By providing our extensive insights gained through our cooperation with various business ventures, and our unique service structure combining security products with insurance, we aim to help make the world a safer and more abundant place for everybody.  We hope to tread this journey with our customers, our global developer team and our business partners, one diligent step at a time.

July, 2019

Seiichi Mizuno