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Impenetrable Security Solutions Powered by CollabWorx

We offer personalized solutions and unparalleled cyber protection, which reduces risk and lowers costs.

Every business has unique needs—an effective solution for one business, may be completely ineffective for another. With our bespoke secure system solutions, every step of the process—from design to implementation and beyond—is tailormade to provide the functionality you desire, with the security and reliability that you need.

Whether you need to enhance the security of your current systems or embark on a new project that requires advanced security, ITI can collaborate with you to design the most appropriate solution. Through incorporating cyber security into your business and committing to managing risk in a comprehensive way, we help you stay ahead of competitors, maintain trust with customers, and position your organization for continued success.

Types of Security Systems

Benefits of Working with Us

We use high-security, military-grade security algorithms and software libraries, such as ATMOS to protect your business from cyber attacks. Our approach is more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective than that of a software development agency, who would need to develop such security measures from the outset.

Fast Delivery

With decades of experience, our engineers have the insight, and ability, to efficiently and effectively produce the optimal solution.

Cost Efficient

Our proprietary security algorithms allow us to implement cutting-edge security to your systems quickly and easily, and therefore cheaper.


Whether you have detailed specifications or just have a vague idea, we take a collaborative approach to create the most appropriate system.

No-Hassle Implementation

Our solutions and CollabWorx software can be easily integrated into your existing security, operations, DevOps tools, and applications. Together, with our partners, we deliver certified integration for you to determine TTV (Time to Value) from our solution.

Security Services Powered by CollabWorx

Our security services allow you to meet your compliance requirements and reduce your security risk without introducing additional operational complexity.

We offer the following security solutions:

Cyber Strategy

Together, we will a design a cyber security strategy focused on your specific needs, executed to increase your security exponentially, impacting your business success.

Secure Communications

Enhance your security with unrivalled P2P security and E2E encryption that go beyond the security standards for secure data communications.

Network Security

Prevent inbound and outbound threats that target your end users’ information and key infrastructure.

Cloud Security

Secure your users’ information and workloads across public and private clouds, without compromising the convenience of the cloud.

Incident Response

Early and effective response in the event of an unforeseen cyber breach ensures that your business is restored to an operational state as fast as possible.


For total protection, combine our resilient cyber solutions and customizable insurance coverage options to improve and support the current and future operations of your business, at an affordable cost.

What We Offer

System Types

General Systems
Internal-use systems developed for a host computer.

Open Systems
Business management systems developed for an OS or rental server.

Web Based Systems
Online systems developed on a cloud server

Microsoft SQL、Oracle DB、MYSQL、Access


Windows/Windows Server、Linux、Google Cloud Platform

Need help?
Let us find an IT Solution for your security problems. Here are some example solutions we can help you with.

  • – I want to secure payments in my application
  • – I want a cloud storage system for internal-use
  • – I want to create a private messaging application
  • – I want a secure method to manage passwords
  • – I want to enhance identity authentication security
  • – I want to develop a cryptocurrency application
  • – I want to monitor my current systems
  • – I want to increase the effectiveness of employee security training

First time developing your own system? 

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Our Systems Development Methodology

We take a step-by-step approach to systems development, starting with engineering, and then onto design. Once the system’s development is complete, we move on to implementation, followed by further analysis and additional refinement and improvement. Each stage is carefully executed in accordance with an agreed schedule, making this approach particularly suitable for larger projects, and even those of a smaller scale. 


System development




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